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Map indicating the locations of Organic Science Cluster Research Activities across Canada. Please click on the map to open a PDF file with an enlarged map and additional information about the Organic Science Cluster.

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About the Organic Science Cluster

Canada’s Organic Science Cluster (OSC) is a collaborative effort led jointly by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC) at Dalhousie University's Agricultural Campus and the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC). The Organic Science Cluster is part of the Canadian Agri-Science Clusters Initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Growing Forward Policy Framework and is supported by contributions from industry partners. The goals of the Organic Science Cluster are to facilitate a national strategic approach to organic science in Canada, link scientists across the country and disseminate the knowledge generated to organic stakeholders. The Organic Science Cluster has identified 10 sub-projects including 30 research activities that will be conducted by over 50 researchers plus 30 collaborators in approximately 45 research institutions. Activities of the Organic Science Cluster will include work in fruit horticulture, agronomy, cereal crop breeding, soil fertility management, vegetable production, greenhouse production, dairy production systems, parasite control in ruminants, environmental sustainability, and food processing. This research comes at a time when there is renewed emphasis on innovation, efficiency (energy, labour, economics), and capturing value-added markets. Most of this research directed toward organic agriculture can also be applied to conventional production systems, drawing interest to this cluster from producers across Canada. For more information:

Organic Science Cluster Project Information

Subproject A: Biologically-Based Fertility Management
Subproject B: Integrated Grain-Based Cropping Systems
Subproject C: Organic Greenhouse Production
Subproject D: Integrated Management of Horticultural Field Crops
Subproject E: Environmental Stewardship and Product Branding
Subproject F: High Value Fruit Production
Subproject G: Benchmarking the Organic Dairy Production System
Subproject H: Organic Food Processing
Subproject I: Sheep Parasite Control
Subproject J: Communication


Organic Science Cluster Partners & Sponsors

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Canadian Wheat Board
Province of Ontario Home Hardware
Les Fraises de l'île d'Orléans, Inc. Les Serres Lefort, Inc.
Olymel Les Serres Nouvelles Cultures
Serres Jardins-Nature Organic Meadow, Inc.
Les Serres Sagami 200, Inc. Western Ag Innovations
Les Productions Horticoles Demers Les Serres Frank Zyromski, Inc.
Les Tourbières Berger Ltée.

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

Canadian Seed Growers Association Grain Millers Canada
British Columbia New Varieties Development Council, Organic Division Jardinerie Fortier
Province of Prince Edward Island Anne's PEI Farm
L'Abri végétal SENC University of Guelph, Gartshore Memorial Sheep Fund
Novozymes Biologicals Nature's Path Foods, Inc.
Homestead Organics Prairie Oat Growers Association
Organic Grocer Canadian Sheep Breeders Association
Kubota Canada Symbionature

Researchers Participating in the Organic Science Cluster


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